Welcome to YASHIROYU's Bath house

(for children and families)
In Japan, most people take a bath everyday to keep our body refresh and to take rest, to relax our muscles. Especially, you can sleep well and comfortably. It's important to get relaxation in a busy days. So, make yourself comfortable. Now, let's come in to YASHIROYU's new-type Bath House. But also, YASHIROYU is very popular Bath House among children and families ! Enjoy Bath House as a healthy leisure.bath house,sento,K,spa,bath,sauna bath,soda spa,water bath,co2 bath,refresh,hot spring,baths,medicated bath,bath house link,fatigue,Kyoto,Japan.
In Japan,bath house
bath house most people
bath house take a bath
Yashiroyu's bath room
bath house everyday

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Chinese foreigner back to
bath house to keep our body
bath house refresh and to take rest, to relax our muscles. Especially, you can
bath house sleep well
A Japanese Bath House(Public Bath,Pay Bath) called Sento or Huroya,
formally called :Kousyu-Yokujo
Bienvenue a l'Etablissement de Bains de'YASHIROYU' thermes
Bath house index Bath Effect Informaition index
artificial SODA Hot-spring bath
Sauna Bath
Water Bath
medicated Bath
jet bath
co2 spa
Welcome to YASHIROYU's Bath House
bain Yashiroyu 2
summary bain
bath house and comfortably.
bath house It's important
bath house to get relaxation
Japanese site
YASHIROYU bath house Coinlaundry cogeneration
SENTO link Deep Sleep vertebra mat cogeneEcombi
Soda Spa bath JUKU a private school staff of SENTO
Association for the Japan National Authorized Mathematics Certification
The International Mathematical Olympiad
The Mathematical Arithmetic (SANSU) Olympiad
bath house in a busy days.
bath house So, make yourself comfortable.
bath house Now,
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West Japan

phone ; 075-861-1734(Japanese only)
fax. 075-861-7585
Adress; 19-9Morigamae-cho Uzumasa Ukyo-ku Kyoto 616-8105 JPN
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bath house let's come in
bath house to YASHIROYU's new-type Bath House.
bath house But also, YASHIROYU is very popular Bath House among children and families !
since 01.06.1999 renewal (01.10.2006 Re)bath house
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