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west side of Kyoto city Japan

Bath House Link
Bath House Link
Bath House Link
Yashiroyu's bath room

Bath House Link

Bath House Link
Bath House Link

Bath House Link

*Kazuteru Ishihara who manages the public bathhouse "Yashiro-yu" in Kyoto. "The Digitalist Circle" is devoted to people who are finding enjoyment in life through the use of digital tools.

201.Online Onsen guide Welcome to The Online Onsen Guide!
Hidden deep in quiet mountain valleys or beside the crashing waves of the seashore lies the secret to enjoying life in Japan.The volcanic nature of the Japanese archipelago has created the world finest collection of natural hot springs known in Japanese as Onsen. This guide will let you find an Onsen that suits your location, travel plans and budget and provides you with the information you need to make sure you enjoy yourself once there.

1*Conpalyu *Inter Ginza G7
Tokyo Ginza public bath/from BAN-DAI/How to take a bath in Ginza/Wabi&Sabi St./Cafe HIBINO network/GALLERing/KABUKIZA ON LINE//Tokyo Ginza(G1-G7) 7th St

EVENT/History of the SENTO (Bath House)/ukiyoe/Painted and Tiled pictures Gallery/Sento story from Sean/Yokohama Sento File 211 houses/

Tokyo Sentou Map page 1-3/

4*Bathhouse "Azuma-yu" *about THE MUSEUM MEIJI-MURA
Oled wooden structure,Japanese bath house/Oled xhibiting Japanese architecture of the Meiji period (1868-1912)

5*Tokyo Q Best baths *Tokyo Q
Best baths/Best baths List/Last week in Japan/What's on this week/Upcoming events/Good Tokyo restaurants/Izakaya/Tokyo Night City/TokyoScape/Little adventures in Tokyo/Links we like/Books/Where to find Tokyo Q/

6*How to enjoy "Sento"
Has not experienced "Sento" yet. Who will try the place for the first time in Japan.;

7*BATH *Welcome to our virtual Guest house!
Have you ever been to Sento, Japanese communal bath?//Ryokan Wakamatsu-so: If you reserve online, you can get almost 10% discount !/[Booking info]/[Online Reservation]/[Access]/[Town Map]/[Guest Book]/sp馗ialit駸/authentic Sento/buy something unusual/enjoy without money/unique/secret ambition///

8*Coco Culture
All of them are about Japanese custom. We believe that the knowledge of those will be any use to you, when you talk about Japan./About "Tanabata" which is the Star Festival in Japan/About "Hanabi" which is the Fireworks in Japan/

9*How do people take a bath in Japan? *Japan information Network
The Japanese are very fond of the furo, the hot Japanese-style bath, because//Trends in Japan/NIPPONIA/JAPAN ECHO/JAPAN Insight/KIDS WEB JAPAN/The Japan of Today/Japan Directory/Statistics/Regions&Cities/Japan Web Navigator/

10*MY INTERESTS: Baths & Hotsprings *
rotenburo/Baden-Baden, Aachen/the modern Caracalla-Therme/Badenweiler//Welcome to the NUCBA Language Center/Background/Activities/Courses/Interests/

11*THE PUBLIC BATH *Totally Japanese *Cyber Business Park
he institution of the public bath ('sento')//Living Japanese Style/Must-see in Kyoto/Japanese Traditinal Shops//CBP's shopping mall/corporations/:Nomura Research Institute, Ltd

12*Onsen (Hot spring for public) *Welcome to Takagawa's Home! *How to Live in Nishigo NEC.
1.Using the public bath/Useful Expressions//1. Family pictures/2. Talk and talk/3. Hobby house/4. Shimakura system technology Co. (The company I work) //1. General Information/2. Living Information/3. Nishigo Map/4. Culture and Opinion/5. Cyber-Park/6. NEC Information/7. Nishigo Calendar/8. Link

??13*The Story of Sento
Listen up, listen up. You too, Sir and Madam. If you're not rushed off your feet, gather round and listen. Come on, are you really so busy? I'm sure you can spare a moment to hear about 'sento',

14.*3. Take a bath before you take a bath(What's the businessperson should know) *Essential Information *Kyoto Media Station
A Traditional Inn/Take off your shoes and relax/Slippers/Lady's Hotel/more helpful staff//To See a Doctor/Economic Organizations/Life in Kyoto for Business//Kyoto Industry/Kyoto Digital Archives/Earth Environment/Kyoto Industrial Information Center/Kyoto Internet Research Group/Welcome to Kyoto/

What does "SENTHO" mean? Well, in Japan, people call the public bath as "Sentho"/Sentho Map (East Niigata)/Sentho Selection/Sentho Information/Sentho Link/Bandai Atsuko TM//

Public Bathhouse in Kyoto
They use soft water for being gentle to skin, and it also helps soap and shampoo lather softly.

Spa link

Oyu monogatari Prologue/Onsen Map/What's Onsen/ONSEN One Point/

For foreigners in Japan

The web-sight for foreigners in Japan is providing a good service for foreigners through this home.

Bath House Link

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Bath House Link
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